Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Well here we are in 2008 with another year behind us. Last year saw a lot of changes in my life both professionally and personally, and I’m betting that this one will be about the same. Some changes I’m making on the professional side are that I’m going to slow down my output a bit and concentrate on a few bigger projects as opposed to my usual ‘machine gun’ approach. I feel it’s about time for another change in my style artistically, (which is something I try to do once or twice a year to keep things fresh.)

As last year I did 149 models (not counting the ‘work’ ones) I feel I’ve proved to myself that I can step my output up to pretty damn high output when required. So now I’m stepping back and taking more enjoyment in the models I’m planning to do. It also gives me time to expand my ‘scope’ a bit into other areas than just the digital sculpting side. The trouble is that sculpting is so much damn fun! But I am having rather a nice time at the moment brushing off the production side of rendering and lighting etc, which is something I’ve not done a lot of the last 12 months.

In my personal life I expect my usual bad luck to keep going as it has most of my life, although I am planning on taking more ‘me’ time than I have for quite a while. There are a lot of things I want to catch up on and need to stop being so insular and work absorbed. Basically it’s time to ‘get a life’ again. I’ve recently took about 3 weeks offline to give myself some breathing space while I got on with some work for a client. I felt the need to unplug for a while.

The internet can be addictive to me, so as I get older I find myself taking a step back from it more and more as a result. Plus there are some things I enjoy doing that I’d rather do without the distractions of the net, such as traditional art and sculpture. I’m planning on getting back into my clay work this year once I get some important jobs handed in. It’ll be interesting to see how one has affected the other.