Sunday, 30 March 2008

Leaving the past behind

Sometimes in life you have to make decisions that either are uncomfortable to make or simply are things you feel you must do. A week or two ago I made one such decision, and that was to resign from Kurv studios. As some of you know, I’ve recorded 4 DVD’s with them so it came as a little bit of a shock to them that I wanted to leave. My reasons were simple, I’d been handed an offer from another company that while covering other things also covered DVD’s and I would have to be certifiable to turn it down.

It wasn’t easy to let Kurv and Wes know that I was heading in a direction that they could not follow, as I do like Wes as a person. But...I’m also a businessman and sometimes in business you have to make sure that your heart does not rule your head. So later in the year expect to see a new series of DVD’s and much more that are very special in a number of ways.

Now as it happens I’m the 1st ‘3d DVD guy’ to change companies. It never been done before and as a rule people stay with one company for life. So I have no idea what either the 3d public’s reaction will be or anything’s totally uncharted ground. But either way it’s sure to be exciting.

I’ve just completed 3 characters in 3 days to final render standard for a client. Far from being hard, or making me weary I actually have been thoroughly enjoying it. Of course the worst thing is this is ‘supposed’ to be week of my fortnight off lol. But I’m having so much fun it’s unreal as they are totally different style wise t anything I’ve ever done and a fair jump in a number of ways to some of my recent works. Although to be fair, people haven’t seen any ‘serious’ works form me for a little while due to being busy as a bee in busy season working for various clients on projects.

There have been a number of exciting developments behind the scenes that I can’t talk about, (although I’m itching to!) But I think they may raise some eyebrows once I can talk about them.

In my personal life, my son is back to sleeping only 5 hours a night and that can be tough at times. But still you get up and get to work as it’s what ‘dad’s do’......we cope no matter what. But I still go out for my 5 mil walks by myself to keep some semblance of sanity. Apart from that I’m still living a hermit’s lifestyle while conducting some render experiments in my ‘free time’. I’ve also been putting a lot of work into my rendering and lighting skills of late. I figured it’s no damn good making good models if they end up rendered out like crap. Yeah it can be boring, but it was something I needed to spend more time on at the expense of my ‘free time.’

Well it’s about 1am here so time for me to start winding down as it’s not a official ‘work night’ and try and get some space back in my brain for non 3d stuff. Although it’s been so long I get edgy when I have ‘time off’ and feel guilty for not working lol.