Sunday, 13 April 2008

Female nude

I think people assum that bcause I mostly sculpt various scary monstrs etc, that thats all I either want , or can do. So I figured it was time to sculpt somthing else out of the blue for a change.

This is intended eventually to be the major part of a very controlversial scene I have in mind. It carries a strange message and isn't one some people may agre with. So as such to cut down the tim I'll have to put up with an emmense ammount of shit, I'm keeping it under my hat for now.

Suffic to say it will both enrange people and also hopefully make them stop and think about some inportant stuff in life. At least thats the idea.

Right now the hair is a stand in and she's not yet posed. The body is based on someone although I'm banned on pain of death from saying who. (So you'll just have to guess!)