Friday, 29 February 2008


Well as ever I keep forgetting to update this blog as often as I’d like, but life has been somewhat hectic of late. Career wise I’m overloaded with work offers and things have really taken off, most of them I can’t talk about yet due to non disclosure agreements. However I can mention one I’ve been working on for some time that will soon see the light of day. I started in the middle of last year writing a book on Zbrush for Wordware publishing. Although I still can’t see much about it, I can tell you it’s a BIG book and covers a lot of ground in ZBrush and its pipelines with other applications. Its the book that I would have wanted to read when I first got into ZBrush if thats any guide to you.

Also in a few weeks I start work on an undersea documentary on some really interesting things to sculpt and texture. (I’ll be solely responsible for the creatures in both parts of the documentary which it goes without saying is a MASSIVE job.) On top of this I have the things I can’t yet talk about, the usual plethora of articles on Zbrush and 3D that I’m paid to write and much more. So it’s a surprise that I am actually managing to fulfill my promise to try and have more of a ’life’ this year.

I’ve been getting out 2-3 times a week doing a 5 mile walk deep in the local countryside, which is amazing round here where I live and its great to just chill out with just the sheep and cows for company. I’ve also been moving off line more for not only the fact I need to get out more, but also as with the sheer volume of work I have to do the last thing need is any distractions. I’m still managing against all attempts to slow it down a very high output, although 90% of it are things I’ve not shared online. I realised that a question Glen Southern asked me a week back did indeed need answering from me. ‘Who am I doing this for? For myself or plaudits from others?’ (For those interested the conversation was around the endless stream of shit I get for being 'me' online on 3D forums.)

The answer was ‘myself’ so as such I don’t feel the need to share every god damn ZBrush fart I do these days. I have nothing to prove anymore to anyone except myself so as such I take more enjoyment in stuff and to be honest I don’t have to put up with half the jealous idiots I used to. (If they think they have reason to behave like idiots now wait till the end of the year after the things I have lined up are out lol. They’ll be psychopathic with rage lol.)

Well although its 1.04 am I still have another 4 hours of work let to do, such is the life of the freelancer. Good job I’m a clinical insomniac isn’t it?

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