Saturday, 10 May 2008

lots of models

I finaly made a start tonight on what will be a long running work in progress. Of the character SPAWN from the comics of the same name..more specifically 'hell spawn' and is partly based on some photos my mate glen passed to me of a sculpture he has in his spawn collection.

Its very early days and only about an hour or so into it and there's a lot missing at the moment. Added to which the texture is only a stand-in for the moment and isn't final at all. I'll nibble away at this one as I get the urge to between other WIPs that I have running.

This model named 'The leech' is now done and took about 2-3 hours fro top to bottom mainly as a painting xcersise for red textures. (Red based textures are rather special in that you can't simply desaturate the color to make your highlight color or the sculpt goes pink.)

I did want to go back and tweak the teeth texture and shader but alas I managed to max out 3d I can't change anything now. The scene is simply too heavy for this machine. The skin shader is a simple blinn with a normal, specual and color map anda rather complex trad lighting setup. Its all rendered out using mental ray using a linear color space workflow. Inspired by doom 3 and doctor who BTW.

I've done a shed load more Such as this one (The Bug) but I wont bore y0u any futher with the last few days models. Suffice it to say its been a productive week for personal sculpts which I've not had a chance to do recently with a lot of work for clients in.

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