Sunday, 25 October 2009

Shit its been nearly 2 years!!!

Holy sheep shit...I had totally forgot about this blog and its been nearly 2 years (actually 1 year 8 months). So what's changed since last time I updated? I've seen the accidental success of the QuickStart series..that went mega very fast and has been watched in just about every country i the world in large numbers. It's seen me go back to programming and write 'MudWalker' and 'ReLight' for Mudbox 2010 (both are not used by some of the top companies in the games and visual fx field), I've put out a still writing Mudbox for creative artists.... and have been all over the damn world giving Masterclasses.

It all started with the Masterclass I did for Autodesk for Siggraph, that was done over 3 days at very short notice (it was supposed to be done a month later with plenty of notice) and was such a success along with the others that were recorded that it has been translated into 9 languages and still gets massive hits. Since then I've been to Holland at the End user event (Where I did a 'requiem' for speed sculpting by creating from nothing to final render a creature head in my opinion you cannot get faster than that and maintain quality...period!), I've gave lectures and Masterclasses at the Vienna Science Academy on Mudbox and digital sculpting in general, taught the lecturers at a Rotterdam university so they can teach others Mudbox...and in a few days am off to do a masterclass at the Animago film and animation festival in Berlin.

Yes I still get shit from Muppets who think that by simply telling people what I've done that for some reasons I'm only 'promoting myself'....well get real dudes, if you want to work in this business you HAVE to tell people what you have achieved or you'll starve. I've offended some Zbrush users simply by changing apps..offended some Mudbox users simply by being me and putting a lot of stuff out for free.... Now I'm at the stage where I really do not give a crap. I do what i do and that's that.... I couldn't care less if someone has a problem.

I had an enforced break from 3d due to my main machine blowing up at exactly the wrong when I had no money at all to get another one. So I've been doing some intensive sculpting to get back to where I was model quality wise. I'd like to think I'm there now. Hopefully it won't take as long to update this blog again lol.

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